Who We Are

ZartLink is the one-stop supplier of mechanical custom parts, the first choice of mechanical engineers

A broad range of capabilities

ZartLink is the global first fairprice flex manufacturing platform for future. We provide global mechanical engineers and companies behind them quality and cheaper parts from rapid prototypes to production.

Today we are a manufacturing network with hundreds of China manufacturers, and clients can order parts in a broad range of materials using multiple manufacturing technologies, and with many secondary processes as well. Our clients come back again and again because we’ll always find a way to make what they need.

Quality & Cheap

All parts are closely inspected twice, by a manufacturing partner and a ZartLink quality control expert. Our manufacturing partners adhere to industry standards* for threads and tolerances. * ISO 2768 (m/f) for metal parts, 2768-m for plastic parts, ISO and ANSI/ASME for threads.

Our manufacturing parters are well selected and work closely together. For long-term cooperation with ZartLink, a partner must offer quality and cheap parts.

Partners Network

Milling & Turning
20+ Materials
Aluminum & Steel Molds
Export & Production Molds
Aluminum & Steel

Why ZartLink

Working with ZartLink is equal to work with 200 carefully selected producers in China. But you don’t have to manage them nor boring with onerous RFQs. ZartLink is your sole contract and contact partner without quality problems and cost worries.

  • Over 200 carefully selected producers in our network
  • ZartLink is your sole contract and contact partner
  • Always fair-price without cost worries
  • Each component is tested in the ZartLink measuring center before shipping
  • Quote within 24 hours

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The ZartLink Manufacturing Network

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CNC Machining

Milling, Turning & Post-processing
Tolerances down to +/-0.02mm
ISO 2768 (m/f)

3D Printing

+/-0.5% dimensional accuracy with a lower limit down to +/-0.10mm

Injection Molding Services China

Injection Molding

Rapid, Low & High Volume
7-10 days rapid tooling, from 1 to 1M molded parts

Investment Casting China

Metal Casting

Investment Casting & Gravity Casting & Die Casting
1 to 1M casted parts

Open Jobs

CMM Inspector

1 need. Duties: Use CMM to mesure parts tolerence and make dimension reports

Assembly Engineer

2 needs. Duties: Test the assembly of rapid prototypes

Partner Manager

1 need. Duties: Develop new manufacturing partners and managing partnerships

Sales Agent

Several needs. Duties: Develop global clients, get RFQs

ZartLink Logo

Flex Manufacturing for Industry 4.0

ZartLink is The Global First FairPrice Flex Manufacturing Platform for Future. From rapid prototyping to production, we provide global clients quality parts with cheaper prices.

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