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CNC Machining

Milling, Turning & Post-processing
Tolerances down to +/-0.02mm
ISO 2768 (m/f)

3D Printing

+/-0.5% dimensional accuracy with a lower limit down to +/-0.10mm

Injection Molding Services China

Injection Molding

Rapid, Low & High Volume
7-10 days rapid tooling, from 1 to 1M molded parts

Investment Casting China

Metal Casting

Investment Casting & Gravity Casting & Die Casting
1 to 1M casted parts

Rapid Molded Parts Ever Faster

Get 7-day standard lead times on simple parts in 100 mm x 100mm x 30mm by prototype mold & injection molding or investment casting. Send your parts to see if it’s eligible.

Manufactured through ZartLink

Appearance Prototypes

Painting, Plating, Laser mark, Screen printing, etc. for plastic prototypes; Anodizing, Sand blasting etc. for metal parts

Functional Prototypes

Precision CNC milling & turning parts, 3D printing and vacuum casting prototypes to test assembly and function

Rapid Molded Parts
Low Volume Manufacturing
Mass Production

The ZartLink Standard

Guaranteed quality, every time.


Threads & Tolerances

Our manufacturing partners adhere to industry standards* for threads and tolerances. * ISO 2768 (m/f) for metal parts, 2768-m for plastic parts, ISO and ANSI/ASME for threads.

Finishing & Post-Processing

Our manufacturing partners follow our strict technical requirements for finishing and post-processing.

Inspection Process

All parts are closely inspected twice; by a manufacturing partner and a ZartLink quality control expert.

Quality Documents

We provide quality documentation* such as First Article Inspection, Certificate of Conformance and Material Certificate/Test Report on request.

Non Disclosure Agreement

We are glad to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with any client to protect their business secrets.

Redo & Refund

Guaranteed quality, every time. In any case, we are willing to redo or refund to safeguard client's interest.

ZartLink Network

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The ZartLink Manufacturing Network

ZartLink has built deep partnership with 100+ quality manufacturers in China who could consistently provide quality and cheap parts for global clients. All parts are closely inspected twice; by a manufacturing partner and a ZartLink quality control expert.
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Flex Manufacturing for Industry 4.0

ZartLink is The Global First FairPrice Flex Manufacturing Platform for Future. From rapid prototyping to production, we provide global clients quality parts with cheaper prices.

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